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  • 1. Ability to connect with someone over shared interests
  • 2. Opportunity for creative date ideas
  • 3. Chance to explore a variety of music genres together
  • 4. Possibility of discovering new artists and albums
  • Expensive
  • Time consuming
  • Limited access


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vinylly – Is It Worth It?


Vinylly is an online music streaming platform that has revolutionized the way people listen to and discover new music. It was launched in 2017 by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to make it easier for people to find their favorite songs without having to search through multiple websites or platforms. The app’s target audience includes both casual listeners and serious audiophiles, as well as DJs looking for exclusive tracks from around the world.

The Vinylly app offers users access to millions of songs across all genres, including hip-hop, pop, rock, EDM (electronic dance music), jazz and more – with no ads interrupting your listening experience! Users can also create custom playlists based on moods or activities such as studying or working out; follow other users’ playlists; get personalized recommendations tailored just for them; share their own creations with friends via social media networks like Facebook & Twitter; save offline copies of their favorite tunes so they can enjoy them anytime even when not connected internet connection is available. Additionally there are special features designed specifically for DJs which include: mix tapes creation tools allowing DJ’s quickly produce mixes using preloaded samples plus unlimited upload space enabling storage up high quality audio files ready be streamed at any time .

Today vinylly boasts over 10 million active monthly subscribers worldwide making it one among most popular streaming services currently available market today . Owned jointly by major record labels Sony Music Entertainment , Universal Music Group Warner Bros Records this service now operates 5 countries US UK Canada Australia New Zealand offering free trial subscription plans alongside its paid premium options allowing customers choose best plan suits needs budget restrictions .

Is Vinylly App Free? Yes – you don’t need pay anything download use however those wanting take advantage full range features offered must signup become paying subscriber prices start $9 99 month depending upon country region user resides within upgrade packages additional discounts being provided students military personnel senior citizens certain cases disabled persons too ! Those wishing register simply visit official website enter basic details payment information once done will receive confirmation email containing activation link activate account begin exploring amazing content library vinlyy holds store personal devices then ‘Vinylify’ mobile application compatible Android iOS systems enable stream favourite tunes go anywhere anytime !

How Does vinylly Work?

Vinylly is a revolutionary new app that makes it easier than ever to find and connect with music fans around the world. It’s designed for both casual listeners and serious vinyl collectors, so everyone can get something out of using Vinylly. The key features include an easy-to-use search engine, detailed user profiles, in-app messaging system and comprehensive collection tracking tools. With these features users can easily locate other likeminded people from all over the globe who share their passion for music or collecting records.

Finding profiles on Vinylly is simple; you just enter your preferred genres into the search bar at the top of your screen then hit ‘search’ to bring up relevant results based on those criteria – this could be anything from rockabilly through hip hop right down to classical! You also have access to filters such as location (so you know how many users are from different countries) plus age range if applicable too – giving even more control when searching for potential connections within our community.

The types of users vary greatly depending upon what they’re looking for but generally speaking there’s two main categories: casual listeners who want someone else’s opinion before buying a record or album; and dedicated vinyl enthusiasts whose collections span decades worth of wax! Both groups benefit hugely by being able join forces via our platform where they can swap stories about past purchases/sellers etc., ask advice about current trends & releases or simply chat about upcoming gigs & festivals happening near them soon – making sure no one misses out on any great opportunities available nearby!

Users come in all shapes sizes & nationalities which really adds another layer onto conversations taking place between members – we currently have thousands signed up across five continents including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific , Africa + South America meaning no matter where you live there’ll always be somebody closeby willing talk shop with ya!. We take pride in offering an open space without judgement nor discrimination so everyone feels welcome regardless whether their interests lie solely within mainstream hits released last week OR rare finds tucked away deep inside crates found during flea market adventures years ago…it doesn’t matter here because every single person has equal footing when discussing matters related specifically towards tunes that make us feel alive!!

  • 1.Limited edition colored vinyl
  • 2. Digital download card with bonus tracks
  • 3. Lyric booklet and poster
  • 4. Exclusive interviews with the artist
  • 5. Behind-the-scenes footage of recording sessions
  • 6. Signed insert from the artist

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Vinylly app is a straightforward process. After downloading and opening the app, users will be prompted to create an account by entering their name, email address, age (the minimum required age for using this dating platform is 18 years old), gender identity and sexual orientation. Once all of these details have been submitted they can then set up their profile with photos or videos that represent them best as well as some information about themselves such as interests and hobbies. Finally they must agree to the terms & conditions before being able to start swiping through potential matches in order to find someone special! Registration on Vinylly is free so anyone over 18 years old can sign up without having any financial obligations attached.

  • 1.Provide a valid email address.
  • 2. Create a secure password with at least 8 characters and one special character or number.
  • 3. Enter full name, date of birth, gender and phone number (optional).
  • 4. Agree to the terms & conditions of using Vinylly services as well as its privacy policy statement
  • 5. Select payment plan that best suits your needs: monthly subscription or annual membership fee
  • 6 .Provide credit card information for billing purposes
  • 7 .Verify identity by submitting government-issued ID such as driver’s license or passport 8 .Complete registration process by clicking “Sign Up” button

Design and Usability of vinylly

User Profile Quality

User profile quality on Vinylly is quite good. Profiles are public, so anyone can view them and get to know the user better. Users have the option of setting a custom bio in their profiles which helps other users understand who they are and what kind of content they create or post on Vinylly. There is also a “friends” feature that allows users to connect with each other easily if both parties accept the request for friendship.

Privacy settings available to users include Google or Facebook sign-in features as well as options like hiding your location info from others while still being able to use all features of Vinylly without any restrictions imposed by it due its privacy policy . Fake accounts may exist but there are strict measures taken against such activities in order for genuine people using this platform not be affected negatively by these malicious acts .

Location information provided in user profiles usually only reveals city names but does not indicate distance between two different locations making it easier for people living far away from one another yet connected through this social media platform , remain anonymous when interacting with each other online . Premium subscriptions offer additional benefits such as access exclusive content , discounts etc., depending upon plan chosen at time of subscription renewal/purchase


Vinylly is a dating website that provides users with the opportunity to find potential matches in their area. The site offers an easy-to-use interface, allowing members to search for compatible partners based on age, gender and location. Additionally, Vinylly allows its users to upload photos and create profiles so they can get a better sense of who they are looking for. One of the main advantages of using this site is that it has been designed specifically with singles in mind; thus making it easier for them to connect with likeminded people quickly and efficiently. Another advantage is that all communication between members takes place within the secure platform provided by Vinylly; ensuring privacy at all times when searching or chatting online.

The app version of Vinylly works similarly but differs slightly from its web counterpart as it allows users more freedom when browsing through profiles due to being able access information while on the go via their mobile device rather than having stay connected only through desktop computers or laptops . Furthermore ,the app also includes additional features such as notifications which alert you whenever someone sends you messages even if your not logged into your account at any given time . On top off these benefits there’s also added security measures implemented within both versions which helps protect user data from unauthorized third parties attempting access without permission .

Safety & Security

App security is an important aspect of the vinylly platform. Vinylly takes a proactive approach to ensure that all users are verified and genuine, protecting against bots and fake accounts. To verify user identity, vinylly requires two-factor authentication which includes both email address verification as well as mobile phone number confirmation. Additionally, photos uploaded by users are manually reviewed by moderators for authenticity before being approved on the platform – this helps to protect against malicious activity such as fraud or inappropriate content from entering into circulation within their network. Furthermore, they have implemented strict privacy policies in order to keep user data secure at all times; these include measures such as encryption of personal information when stored on servers and providing clear guidelines regarding how any collected data will be used or shared with third parties if necessary.

Pricing and Benefits

Is Vinylly Free or Does it Require a Paid Subscription?

Vinylly is an app that allows users to listen to their favorite music, create playlists and share them with friends. It offers both free and paid subscription options for its users. The basic version of the app is available for free on all platforms (iOS, Android). This includes access to unlimited streaming of millions of songs from major labels as well as independent artists around the world. The user can also browse through different genres, albums and artist discographies in order to find new music they may like. However, there are some limitations when using this version such as ads being displayed while listening or limited skips per hour/day depending on which platform you use it on .

On the other hand if you opt-in for a paid subscription then there are several benefits associated with it:

  • Ad-free experience – No more annoying adverts interrupting your tunes!
  • High quality audio – Listen at up 320kbps sound quality instead of 128kbps found in most streaming services * Unlimited Skips – Skip tracks without any restrictions throughout your day * Offline Listening– Download tracks so you can keep playing even when not connected online * Exclusive Content & Playlists – Access exclusive content created by industry professionals plus get personalized recommendations based off what’s trending right now!

The prices vary depending upon whether one chooses monthly ($9) , quarterly($25), half yearly($45)or annual plan ($90). These plans offer great value compared against competitors who charge similar rates but don’t include offline playback feature offered by vinylly . Furthermore , cancellation process is quite simple too where user just needs click cancel button within account settings page before next billing cycle starts otherwise he will be charged again automatically according customer’s chosen payment plan . Refunds however depend upon individual case basis though generally refunds should be provided under certain conditions like unused portion etc..

In conclusion , although vinylly provides decent amount features even in its basic package yet those looking out enhanced experience might consider getting premium membership due competitive pricing structure along additional benefits mentioned above

Help & Support

Vinylly provides a range of support options to help customers with their queries. The first option is the Vinylly website, which contains an extensive FAQ page that answers commonly asked questions about products and services. The site also has dedicated customer service pages where users can submit tickets for more complex issues or request assistance from one of the company’s experts via email or phone call.

For those who prefer speaking directly to someone on the phone, Vinylly offers telephone support in multiple languages during business hours Monday through Friday (local time). Customers can expect prompt responses when calling as well as helpful advice from knowledgeable representatives. Additionally, if you need urgent help outside normal working hours then there is a 24/7 emergency line available too – although this should only be used in exceptional circumstances such as technical emergencies or account security breaches etc..

Finally, customers may find it useful to join one of Vinyly’s online communities where they can connect with other members and get tips & tricks regarding product usage plus receive general feedback on any issues they are having using their services. All these avenues provide quick access to reliable customer service so no matter what your query might be – you’re sure to find some form of assistance at vinylly!


1. Is vinylly safe?

Vinyl is generally considered safe for most people, as long as it’s handled properly. Vinyl records are made of a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material that does not contain any toxic substances or chemicals. When stored and used correctly, vinyl can last many years without releasing hazardous fumes into the air. It is important to keep your vinyl away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures in order to avoid warping or melting the record surface over time. Additionally, when cleaning your records you should use a soft cloth with mild soap and water instead of harsh chemical cleaners which could damage them further down the line. Overall, if taken care of properly there shouldn’t be any safety concerns related to owning or using vinyl records

2. Is vinylly a real dating site with real users?

Vinylly is not a real dating site with real users. It appears to be an online community for music fans, but it does not appear to have any features that would make it suitable as a dating site. The website does offer forums and other social media-style activities, such as creating profiles and sharing photos or videos of musical performances, however there are no search functions or matchmaking services available on the platform. Additionally, many of the user accounts appear to be inactive since they do not contain any recent posts or activity from their owners. Therefore Vinylly cannot be considered a legitimate dating service at this time due its lack of functionality in regards to connecting people romantically

3. How to use vinylly app?

Vinylly is an app that makes it easy to discover and purchase new music. With Vinylly, users can search for their favorite artists or genres of music and browse through the vast selection available in the store. Once they find something they like, users can add it to their library with just a few taps on their device’s screen. They also have access to exclusive discounts from some of the biggest names in music as well as personalized recommendations based on what other people are listening too right now.

The user experience doesn’t stop there; once you’ve purchased your songs or albums, you’ll be able to listen them directly within Vinylly’s built-in player which supports all major audio formats including MP3s and FLAC files so no matter what type of file format your song comes in – chances are that Vinylly will support it! Additionally, if you’re looking for more than just streaming capabilities then look no further: The app offers full integration with popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox so that any purchases made via the platform will automatically sync across multiple devices without having to manually transfer files between each one separately – perfect for those who want quick access wherever they go!

4. Is vinylly free?

Vinylly is not free. It offers a subscription-based streaming service that allows users to access millions of songs from major and independent labels, as well as thousands of playlists curated by music experts. Subscribers can listen to unlimited music for a monthly fee, or purchase individual tracks or albums at competitive prices. Vinylly also has an extensive library of exclusive content including live performances and rare recordings unavailable anywhere else online. Additionally, subscribers have the option to download their favorite tunes for offline listening on any device they choose – all without ads interrupting their experience!

5. Is vinylly working and can you find someone there?

Vinylly is a platform that connects music fans with independent record stores. It’s an online marketplace where you can browse through thousands of records and purchase them directly from the store they’re listed in. You can also find out what new releases are coming up, as well as upcoming events at your local record shop. With Vinylly, it’s easy to connect with other vinyl enthusiasts and discover great music all over the world! As for finding someone there – yes, absolutely! There are plenty of people on Vinylly who share their love for vinyl records and discovering new artists or albums together. Whether you want to chat about your favorite bands or just talk about which pressing sounds best – there’s something here for everyone!


To conclude, Vinyl is a great app for finding partners for dating. Its design and usability are very intuitive, making it easy to use even if you’re not tech-savvy. The safety and security features ensure that users can trust the platform with their personal information while they search for potential dates. Help and support from customer service staff is also available when needed, which makes it easier to get help quickly should any issues arise during your experience on the app. Finally, user profile quality is excellent as all profiles are verified by moderators before being approved so you know who you’re talking to online isn’t fake or misleading in any way. All in all, Vinyl provides an enjoyable experience when looking for someone special online!

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